So it;s intitled?

dear takers.!!!!!!!!

I hear that you have been wanting to be intitled to privilage an coverage.  I should say that you do not understand how things work.  You don’t get the big picture.  It is about the prosperiety of  Americia.  Your country has loved you your whole life.  You do realize the american love that you have recieved.  This is just a part of growing up.  Growing up to be a true American.  As a American you should be self sufficient. Pay all amounts need to be withdrawn from your paycheck.  We are a team a team Americans.  Those amounts will help with the tax burden of the job creators.  Americans such thing s as social security an medicare. I mean really my fellow True Americans.  This is a total socialist act.  Do you work For HITLER.  You know you do not know any than the creators.  WE ARE ALL JOB CREATORS A M E R IC A


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